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Published: 27th March 2008
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Nowadays, logistics security has become an essential requirement for the successful running of any business enterprise. Security personnel of all businesses have to face the multiple and strenuous challenges of maintaining logistics security. The safeguarding of raw materials, intermediary products, finished goods during transportation and procurement, are part and parcel of logistics security. Loss of these vital products could make a huge negative impact on all aspects of all companies. It may even impair the efficiency and structural credibility of the business enterprise.

With the passage of time, integrated and multifaceted, logistic security evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of the business scenario. Chances of theft and burglary while procuring and transporting any raw materials or in the course of supply chain are common threats to the business enterprise. Companies which can ensure the safety of their products in the supply chain and during the transportation stage have a distinct advantage in today's cut throat market scenario. A large number of professionals from various fields of science, technology and industry specialists all work together to achieve the common end of effective logistics management.

A comprehensive and efficient system of logistics security is a necessity. Measures in logistic security that can fully incorporate the business activities of a company should be adopted. This includes a vast expertise in the fields of procurement, transportation, production and distribution of products. Logistics security goes hand in hand with efficient material management.

The weaknesses and shortcomings in the supply chain management should be promptly identified. Steps should be taken to rectify these defects with the help of experts; and further steps should be taken to develop and improve the logistics security through the implementation of an expert counsel. The outcome of these steps should be measured correctly and promptly.

Competent professionals, with specialised skills and precise know-how with regard to the running and control of logistics security, should be appointed in every company.

The main goal of logistic security is to ensure the safe passage of all products. This is becoming increasingly difficult in today's cut throat market economy and necessitates efficient global supply chain management measures.

The first step to be taken to improve the efficiency of the supply chain management is to study the existing conditions thoroughly. Once the shortcomings and defects are identified, an expert counsel should be applied for to rectify these vulnerabilities. Solutions to the problems relating to the nature and characteristics of the specific products will be adopted.

Steps should be taken to strengthen the logistic security management from the basic levels. Competent preventive mechanisms can go a long way for an efficient logistics security. The awareness of the threats to security can also go a long way in ensuring the security.

Various security measures can be adopted to forestall breach of logistics security, which are the following:-

• Security measures should be enhanced during the initial stages of production and distribution and throughout the supply chain.

• A competent strategy should be devised to filter out weakness and defects.

• Forgery, duplication and grey market should be negated.

• Proper appraisals and estimations of the security measures should be completed on time.

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